In some questions that I have asked, more than one person has contributed equally great answers but unfortunately i wasn't allowed to accept both answers. Could the rule possibly be amended to allow such an action? I know i could upvote more than one answer, and i did do that. Problem arose when i had accepted a very good answer, then later came an even better answer and i ticked the latter- it looks as if i have unaccepted the former while I didn't mean to! Please advise. Thanks in anticipation :)

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Upvotes are for rewarding useful answers, and can be applied to as many answers as you wish.

The express purpose of the Accepted answer is to single it out as the answer that most helped you. If it's a toss-up, you don't have to accept either answer.

Some people also like to, after the fact, offer and reward a bounty to answers that were exceptionally good.

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    And the bounty can either go to the top answer, or any other that you choose – Doktor Mayhem Jan 27 '15 at 8:56

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