I have read the help section, but just to be sure, I would like to know if a question like the following would be on topic.

There is a song that at a specific point (it goes from a part with lyrics to a guitar solo) it feels "dissonant" (for a lack of a better word in my vocabulary). May I ask why it gives this impression? (I will link to the official video and give the specific time mark)


In my opinion you are actually saying two things here, one of which seems off topic and one which I think could fit the site scope:

  • "strange" is very opinion-based so would likely be closed rapidly
  • asking what causes a dissonance seems to fit more with music theory

So my guidance would be to post it, but to write it to focus on theory rather than opinion.

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    I posted my question an I tried to be as factual as possible. Thank you for the input.
    – Federico
    Mar 2 '15 at 13:46

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