I have an answer that has been voted up to a reasonable level, which I take to mean it was a positive contribution. But there has been one vote to delete. How do I figure out the reason for a vote to delete? There are no comments.

Is there a term that describes straight 8ths / 16ths vs swing?

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One sentence answers are frowned upon. That was the case with your answer pre edit. Chances are good that was what the problem was.


Without a comment to tell you, you don't know. All you can tell is that someone disagreed with the post, or the way it was written.

Having read the post, I would probably have to agree with the delete vote - compare your post with Dom's post, which provides a bit of explanation. Yours seems to be more of comment.


Like Dr said, you can't see the person(s) who cast the delete votes. This goes for all the votes here on the SE sites. You cannot see who upvoted/downvoted a post. Not even mods can see.

  • I have no interest in the identity of the deletion proponent -- I was just scratching my head about the reason. I went with Mayhem's conjecture, that the answer was too much like a comment, and have tried to make it more like an answer. Commented Aug 3, 2015 at 15:01

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