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Hello and welcome to Music.SE!  
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Off- Topic

Unfortunately, this question doesn't fit in the scope of this site 
because song key identification is generally not applicable to other people.  Try (this)[http://www.songkeyfinder.com/] website or search "song key" in Google.


Unfortunately, this question doesn't fit in the scope of our site 
because all questions should be answerable in a non- subjective way.  
You can go [here] (http://music.stackexchange.com/help/dont-ask) to 
see if there is a way you can edit this question.


 Hello [name] and welcome to Music P&T. I think your question is 
 a duplicate of the question found (here)[Question link]. and I 
 suggest you check it out and see if it answers your question.


Welcome to the site! Unfortunately on StackExchange we  are looking
for specific questions that can be answered completely,  rather than
suggestions or recommendations. Take a look at
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