See this question. It has been wrongly tagged with a "possible answer elsewhere" header (likely due to the mistaken first comment). Can this be removed please?

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    I don't see a "header", just the comment. Maybe this only appears to you, can you try looking when signed out or in a private browsing session?
    – user28
    Aug 31, 2015 at 21:42

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This header note appears to the owner of the question only, when there is a pending vote to mark the question as a duplicate. Unless the question is really closed as a duplicate, nothing is shown to the public.

This is to encourage the question owners to agree that it's a duplicate in cases where they agree; this speeds up the "duplication" process and helps clean the queues.

If you don't agree with the duplicate, the best thing is to leave a comment explaining why it's not a duplicate.

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