This question seeks advice on becoming less nervous when performing in front of an audience. This answer essentially says that the issue is mental, and strengthening one's Christian faith can help one overcome one's nerves.

Is it acceptable to invoke a specific religion to answer a question? Speaking about religion from an "insider's" perspective feels like it might be a little close to evangelizing, which could become problematic for the site. On the other hand, research shows that prayer has psychological benefits. (This is not a religion-specific phenomenon and extends widely to many different religions.) So I feel like an answer along these lines might have been okay:

Consider connecting more with your personal faith tradition, or finding a faith tradition to be a part of. Religious prayer, in virtually any form, has been shown to have beneficial psychological effects.

Would this be an acceptable answer? Is any answer invoking religion acceptable, if the question is psychological in nature? Or is it okay as written because it's written from a personal perspective?

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That post actually appears to be a comment responding to a comment on another post, not an answer. So I have deleted it accordingly.

The existing post on using God's help is pretty low quality as it doesn't really say what or how to do this.

I think your suggestion would be more valuable, but could probably be expanded upon to help individuals work out how to use prayer as a relaxant.

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