Since we, as music lovers, are usually familiar with some styles and curious about others, would it make sense to ask about suggestions on how to best enjoy music X or Y?

E.g. : Alice is a Bach lover but she'd like to go about listening to Mahler. There are some parts of his 5th that she really likes but she feels she's missing a lot. On the other hand, since she is not classically trained, answers with the analysis tag don't really help. Should she ask How to listen to Mahler's 5th? here, or is this SE not the place because this is considered opinion-based?


I think musicfans.stackexchange.com is better fit. Most, if not all, questions about music appreciation will be off-topic here.

A question like, "How does this symphony reflect the sonata-allegro form?" would be on-topic here, and that could be asked as part of music appreciation, but it's more clearly analysis.

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