I could see Music.SE potentially being a home for "homework" questions much like StackOverflow. Undergraduates in music theory courses in particular might find this site a good place to ask such questions.

Should we encourage these questions? If so, how?

I believe we should encourage these questions if they do not start to dominate the site, but I would not know how to encourage any specific types of questions. That said, though, I'd really like more questions in areas I can answer...

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I've thought of this as well, in particular targeting undergrads as you mention. Their questions shouldn't be too basic and thus hopefully useful to have on the site. Our CHAOS promotion person, Laura, has also thought of this. If you care to get involved in outreach, I suggest contacting her. I think that's the best way to encourage these questions -- they're certainly on-topic and we have happily accepted theory questions before, so I think we need to focus externally more than internally.

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