Basically, I noticed that almost all of the questions on the "unanswered" tab are about technology in some way or another. Does this come as a consequence of a lack of experts in that field on our site? Is this a problem?

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    Why certain questions remain unanswered, and certainly whether that is a problem, is a largely speculative question. – TylerH Oct 25 '18 at 14:23
  • It looks like most of the unanswered questions that are about technology are about DJ technology, and there aren't a lot of DJs on here.
  • Some of the questions are about obsolete and/or unpopular technology that not as many people will be familiar with.
  • Some of the questions are unclear, and it often takes a lot of accurate details to answer a technology question.
  • Music.SE is really a site for musicians, many/most of whom do use some amount of technology, but are not primarily technology-focused people.

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