Zlet's say "paraphrasing" in music as an analogy of paraphrasing in psychology and psychiatry? or in other words: how much reputation will I need to determine or define a term? will 40k fit for it? how many doctor titles do I need? how many books must I have written?

The term paraphrase seems quite clearly defined. Right coming from searching another term for the fill-ins, echo-ing, answering in the dialog of 2 instruments, singer and piano or guitar, I proposed the term "paraphrasing". Now I've found paraphrasing used in of other answers and comments. I don't think that there is evidence of it. If yes, thank you for answering.


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    I think anyone can, but until it's recognized globally/internationally, then I don't see the point in pushing the idea on this site... – Andrew T. Jan 23 at 4:09

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