I'm writing because of the question What's the difference between "con brio" and "con fuoco"?.

The tags "conbrio" and "confuoco" (which should be "con-brio" and "con-fuoco") are almost certainly too specific. I do not see a tag for tempo indications or directions. There is a "tempo" tag, but "con brio" and "con fuoco" are more precisely thought of as instructions about a piece's affect or character than its tempo.

I'm therefore soliciting suggestions for a tag name to encompass the directions that appear at the beginning of a musical score, which normally but not always specify the speed of the piece.

In the absence of a better suggestion, I will probably retag the question with "tempo-indication."

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    Is terminology too inexact? – Richard Feb 15 '19 at 4:21
  • @Richard no, and it should certainly be used (I see someone else has already retagged the question). Perhaps I should use that tag to ask if there's a less tempo-centric term for tempo indication that would acknowledge that these instructions sometimes have no direct bearing on tempo. But it is somewhat broader than what I had in mind. Maybe there's no need for a more specific tag, though. – phoog Feb 15 '19 at 17:00


There may be something more specific, but this is the big category for these questions.


I think User Richard hit it right on the money in the comment section with terminology. Perhaps performance-text, which doesn't exist, but might be helpful...? I wouldn't want anything too specific, but terminology seems to pretty much cover it.

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