We've already discussed how the music tag does not have a use on this site in this question, can we please blacklist the tag? It has started cropping up again.

  • OTOH, that tag is disallowed for questions related to Celine Dion. Oct 10 '19 at 14:10

The tag should be blacklisted as intrinsic tag.

If your site has a term that can apply to all questions on the site and folks are persistent about trying to use it as a tag, post a request on your meta and we'll mark it as intrinsic.


I mean, I'm hardly qualified to render my opinion, but I'm pretty confident that all the questions here are in some way related to music (if they weren't, they'd be off-topic).

No, I don't see any reason to have that tag - I support any motion to blacklist [music], and I think very few here would disagree with us.

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