This question is only the latest of a re-curring kind of question: too many notes in a bar due to multiple voices in one system. It is quite difficult to find one of the numerous duplicates due to lack of a convincing tag.

None of the poly* tags seems appropriate, neither multi* (multitrack would somehow fit, but is unlikely to be considered by somebody asking) and the *voice* tags all imply singing.

This leaves notation and time-signature (or even an instrument-specific like piano), which have already a quite broad scope limiting their usefulness for searches.

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So there are two different questions here: what to do about the mass amount of duplicates of the questions that have confusions about multiple voices and should there be a tag for questions that are about multiple voices.

The first question is easy, we can use the meta to track some of these question and make a list here about the historically canonical questions so the duplicates can be linked easily. These questions are easily the most common question that seems to come up a lot. One reason why I think this question is asked a lot is that the posters don't know about the concept of multiple voices so I don't think the tag alone will help new users find these questions.

Here is a quick list feel free to add to it:

For the second question we can always add new tags,but we should do so when they are needed. The only thing holding me back from just saying yes is I don't know how much application this tag has outside of these questions. If it does, making the tag makes sense. If it does not then the duplicates linked should be enough. I found one question that isn't a direct duplicate that could use this tag so there seems to be some use of it outside these questions.

If we do decide we want a tag, I suggest using the tag and explain in the except the tag is for questions pertain to multiple voices on a staff and not to use if it's just about vocal music to keep the tag clean.

EDIT: Some more for the proposed duplicates list.

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