Music: Practice & Theory is turning ten years old! (If you’re curious, you can see our very first question here.) To celebrate, Stack Exchange is collecting some thoughts for a blog post to celebrate us and other communities that are turning ten this quarter.

For this blog post, Stack Exchange is looking for a few possible ideas:

  • A brief history of Music.SE
  • Thoughts on what makes Music.SE special
  • Any interesting/fun/memorable stories or experiences from Music.SE
  • What drew you to Music.SE in the first place, and/or why you keep coming back

In the answer space below, feel free to address any of the above questions—and anything similar you might want to add!—that you think could have a spot in the blog post. Once we’ve collected the material, we can collaborate to determine how best to share the information.

Lastly, we can opt to have a temporary “Ten-Year Anniversary” banner on our site; the banner will last for one month. Please vote on this answer to help determine if we want this temporary banner.

Expect more information soon. But in the meantime, congratulations and thanks for being such a great community!

Doktor Mayhem, Dom, and Richard

  • I'm a relative newcomer, so I'm still hoping for some "interesting/fun/memorable stories or experiences" from the old days. Like, back when Music.SE was operated on punch cards.
    – Aaron
    Apr 23, 2021 at 1:25

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“Ten-Year Anniversary” Banner Voting

Upvote this answer if you want the temporary banner.

Downvote this answer if you do not want the temporary banner.

  • The banner is snazzy. If banners could be upvoted, I'd do it twice.
    – Aaron
    Apr 22, 2021 at 1:35

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