There is currently a contradiction between prohibition of legal questions and the existence (and usage) of the tag.

The legal questions prohibition is long established. For example

  1. On our Meta since 2011, Should we allow questions about legal issues?, which was decided in the negative;
  2. Also on our Meta (2015), Are questions on copyright on topic?, was answered in the negative without dissent; and
  3. Our Help Center's What topics can I ask about here? clearly states "If you have a question [that] is not about business or legal issues....

I propose that most of the copyright questions on site be closed, the others be retagged, and the tag removed.

I've found 16 "copyright questions" (list below), only one of which I think is not a legal question, and three others which might pass muster. Of the remaining 12, which IMO are "legal questions", four are closed or locked, and the rest are currently open.

I think the eight open questions should be closed, and the tag should be removed (with the understanding this is not a straightforward process, and may take a while — in the interim, the tag wiki could be updated with a "do not use" message).

Copyright questions

The "good" question

The borderline questions

Closed or locked copyright/legal issue questions

Currently open copyright/legal issue questions



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