Here's a link for the song The Reason by Hoobastank.

The Reason by Hoobstank - Tutorial

Is it alright to ask for the key in which this song is played? I am a complete beginner and would like to create sheet music for this song.


Identification questions are off-topic for the site (see the FAQ) but any questions are always welcome in chat.

  • Well yeah! I wonder how I missed that. Thanks! – Shashank Sawant Oct 25 '12 at 18:09

The recording you linked is in E major.

This question may be of use to you: What does it mean to write a song in a certain key?

I would probably have closed as "too localized"--we welcome questions about specific music when it concerns a technique that requires some significant analysis (for example), but this one really doesn't.

  • Thanks! The link you have provided is helpful too. It seems like a pretty general method for identifying the key of any song. – Shashank Sawant Oct 23 '12 at 3:32

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