I wonder what kind of tagging policy we may have on very famous composers.

There is currently , and used here. But especially in the case of Bach, there are many composers by that name.

Should we have , instead ?

Should we add initials to all such tags ?

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I think in the case of Bach, initials are useful. As a general rule though, I think initials should only be added when there is ambiguity. We're safe using .

As for , I wouldn't worry about that unless a relevant question actually came up. If one did, I think it would probably be enough to have the details in the question; I can't imagine anyone filtering by that tag.

Edit: I have retagged all the questions to , since that's who they were about. At a minimum, it won't hurt anything since it will still pop up when "bach" is typed in a tag field, and it should provide some clarification.


I would disagree with using initials, there are annoying to type and thus people will most likely not type them in that form. The maximum amount of characters a tag can take is 25, that should allow for names.

is a valid tag, perhaps we could drop middle names, like .

Edit: While increasing the tag character limit could be an options, I decided to disagree on full names.

When questions about musicians and composers are asked, their names will most likely be listed in the question. An example is seen in the questions covering bach, where people are using J.S. Bach in the title of their questions. If we do want to tag them, it's probably best to use something along the line of or . I haven't decided yet which of these would be best...

  • No we cannot drop middle names, there is a lot of different and significant Johann-Xxxxx-Bach.
    – ogerard
    May 8, 2011 at 20:53
  • @ogerard: As not every significant name would fit and we would be creating a lot of name tags, I've updated my post to disagree on full names but to just use family tags instead. May 8, 2011 at 21:11

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