Clearly asking for recommendations, clearly off-topic. BUT this is exactly the sort of thing (I imagine) people will search for. It's a great hook question to grab people onto the rest of the site.

For this to work, it becomes doubly-important that the answers address generalities and how to approach the situation rather than a stupid list of product names. But I think this question can be more valuable to us open rather than closed. $.02.

  • I agree. I've retracted my vote.
    – Luke_0
    Nov 6, 2013 at 1:21

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The major justifications against recommendation questions are obsolescence and "too localized" -- I think the case can be made that this is nowadays a well-defined software landscape, and that lots of other people have the same question.


I'd much rather we build a base of people that get here looking for what we're about, than more people having the wrong idea. Quality over quantity and all that ;) .£0.0124.

  • Agreed. But here I think (hope) we can have both. Quality + Quantity is better than either alone. Nov 11, 2013 at 10:57
  • 2
    Aye, but I think the Idea of an off topic hook question means we'll be catching the wrong fish :/ Nov 11, 2013 at 17:37

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