I saw the tag, and .

They're not synonym, they have the same description.

What's the difference? Should we make them as synonym tag (one of them) or what?

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I agree that on most existing questions here they are used for the same thing and should be merged, but I think the word "maintenance" is a bit too potentially ambiguous. would make sense, but as applied to music on the whole (the topic of this site) could have other meanings.

by contrast is completely unambiguous, and if we turn into a synonym for it will autocomplete for askers, so if they meant something different by "maintenance" they can choose something else.


I think this makes sense - there are a handful of questions on maintenance of amplifiers, but the vast majority of the questions under both tags are on maintenance and care of instruments.

  • I think the maintenace tag is better, and use the instrument-care as a synonym. Because I think maintenance fits all instrument.
    – seseorang
    Commented Jun 18, 2014 at 16:46

I disagree. Some of the first few questions in are about how to store a instrument well, which sounds very much like instrument care, but not maintenance.

Yes, there is some overlap, but I think they are subtly different.


I did not look at the questions bearing the respective tags, but the answers above did not much to clarify the definitions. The most important difference for me seems to be:

  • Instrument-care is supposed to be done by the player before/after use
  • With maintenance I would have associated a professional technician

Any opinions?

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