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Bug report: disappearing table/code block [duplicate]

Appears in this answer here: After page load, the contents of the code block disappears. It renders properly in the editor, but not on the normal page. ...
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Music SE is graduating. Congratulations!

Music Stack Exchange has a steady flow of high quality questions and answers, and a growing number of users contributing to site health and maintenance. You're on a consistent upward trend, and the ...
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How could ABC notation be embedded in our posts' Markdown?

While it has by now been determined that music.SE wants ABC music markup, and the SE community managers have taken note, the integration remains to be implemented. A crucial point where this touches ...
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Don't you think this music site just lacks the music itself? [duplicate]

Stack Overflow is a site about programming, a discipline that deals with code. To deal effectively with the code they implemented Markdown in their editor, an awesome software solution that allows ...
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jTab needs to render in Markdown preview

I didn't find any information about special diagram notations in the FAQ... I tried to put the string names next to the guitar neck diagram in this question, but this produced chord diagrams which ...
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How will we specify which notation-system a code-block uses? [duplicate]

We currently use code-blocks for jTab markup. If (when) we add lilypond or ABCnotation support, how should a code-block declare which system it's intended for?
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"Vanishing" sample code

When I post this answer I must see my code vanishing when I click on "Save answer". While editing the answer the code was displayed correctly before I clicked "Save". The code block background remains ...
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What happened with the jTab support?

I've seen quesions where the jTab wasn't parsed, but the code is shown instead. I wasn't sure if it was due to some syntactic mistakes in the code, but now I saw an answer of my own, where it ...
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Can the idiotic jTab thing just cease to exist please

Stop the madness. What kind of a campaign is needed to get the idiotic formatter to just stop formatting PRE-FORMATTED TEXT. This is pre-formatted text
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Being able to toggle on jTab instead of being on by default

Can we have the option to toggle on and off jTab? As it is right now if there are any note names in code blocks turn into guitar chords and this site is about so much more than guitar chords. I'm ...
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code block (lilypond) rendering

When I open this page: How can I force LilyPond to repeat a chord symbol (relates to alternate endings)? (using firefox), the correct code blocks (question and answer) flash up for a fraction of a ...
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Can we have a formatting sandbox? [duplicate]

Specifically for getting jTab blocks to look right without blowing through the revision-limit, I think it would be useful to have a CW sandbox question on the main site (since jTab isn't enabled on ...
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Size and format of images

I asked a question about notation and someone suggested that I submit an image. In what format and size should it be?
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