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"Favorite bodhran technique" deleted as "spam, rude, or abusive"?

I'm surprised this question was deleted by @elementsinspace. The original text was: What's your favorite technique for achieving a rich, resonant tone on the bodhran Irish drum? The words "...
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What forum is appropriate to ask questions on specific pieces of music?

My post Opening chords of ABBA Super Trouper? was closed by the moderator @Elements_In_Space as being off-topic. I clicked on their profile but could not see a way to privately message the moderator. ...
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On closing vs. tolerating weak questions

I've had several occasions recently where I've felt frustrated, either by deleted comments or by closed threads (others, not my own). Although I have a music degree (theory major) and a lot I'd like ...
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Should we be more aggressive in deleting closed questions?

The accepted answer to the Meta post When should I vote to delete a question? advocates an aggressive approach to deleting closed questions. Summarizing, the author suggests: always deleting unclear ...
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Do I need to vote for both reopen and undelete, or is just one sufficient?

A question was closed because it was a request for equipment. It was later deleted altogether. I edited the question to reframe it and then voted both to reopen and to undelete. Were both votes needed,...
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Can I undelete my question?

Earlier today, I posted a question and self-answer that proved unpopular (-3 to both). I deleted the answer so I could rethink it, but I also deleted the question, thinking it worked the same way. I ...
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How find out reasoning behind delete vote?

I have an answer that has been voted up to a reasonable level, which I take to mean it was a positive contribution. But there has been one vote to delete. How do I figure out the reason for a vote ...
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A moderator has summarily deleted an answer of mine!

Matthew Read summarily deleted an answer of mine. This has never happened before. Sure, I've been downvoted lots of times, or I've had comments requesting that I modify my answer or provide more ...
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Please undelete my question

I have asked a question about resource recommendation. The question is I know that questions about resource recommendation are not allowed on some ...
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