Occasionally I go to Winter NAMM, but I did not go this year. I usually go to Summer NAMM in July in Nashville, Tennessee. I don't go as a member of the public; I get a badge from any one of a number of music industry organizations or musical instrument businesses that I'm affiliated with professionally. In fact [at the last Summer NAMM I presented a lecture in a conference room][1]. It was on music apps for iPads.

If, by next July, you have concrete ideas about promoting Music.SE, please contact me and I'll use my connections to get the word out. For instance, if you can provide me with printed flyers, that would be really useful--remember, this is a meatspace event where people shake hands and fill up tote bags with flyers and brochures.

Oh, and if Stack Exchange wants to buy me an airplane ticket to Frankfurt, I speak German.

  [1]: http://wheatwilliams.com/wordpress/2011/07/22/im-helping-teach-a-class-at-summer-namm-on-saturday/