The question [Reading list for music theory for a self taught][1] was closed as off-topic (including a close vote from me). However, in updating the tags, I noticed our guidance for [tag:learning-resources]:

> ... asking about the existence or availability of certain types of resources (e.g., "what apps are available for learning to hear intervals?") is fine.

By this standard, there is a very compelling case that the question should not have been closed and should be reopened. The underlying issue of "equipment requests" dovetails with the discussion in [Our “recommendations for specific equipment” rule seems to be catching cases beyond those looking for a brand/model recommendation][2] and has been previously addressed but not (definitively) resolved in [Should external resource lists be allowed on the site?][3].

Although I believe these questions are valuable, I think they're not a good fit for the this site, as they are highly opinion based and prone to lengthy lists of possibilities.


1. Rewrite the tag guidance to exclude the current exception.
2. Update [My Question was closed a software/equipment recommendation. What does that mean and what can I do?][4] to include this case.
3. Consider burninating [tag:learning-resources] (this would require reviewing the 36 [currently] questions using this tag to see if there are appropriate use cases. I am happy to do that an update with proposals if the discussion here supports looking into burnination).