I know that if you've got something to say that no one else has said yet, answering extremely late should be fine, since future readers will be able to receive your knowledge, even if OP might not. I would refrain from restating what others have said, but if you've got something new to add to the post, by all means, I'd rather have a late answer than no ...


There are badges that you can only get by answering or editing old questions. It is definitely encouraged, by design.


This might be confusing for users who stumble onto this post, but yes there was some fishy business on this account and it was tied to Maika who was recently suspended. The new user has been deleted and all content created by the account was deleted/destroyed including the question under examination here. If we really want to we can undelete the question ...


Why should we deem acceptance as so important? Often questions are from casual visitors to the site - regard the number of newbies - who maybe don't even ever return to read their answers. If they do, there's no compulsion to accept a particular answer - and they may not understand some anyway. There have been questions I've posed (hardly a newbie!) that ...


If you feel you've got something useful to add, say it. There are plenty of people who will leap on it if they feel it inappropriate.

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