Congratulations, Richard! I think we're in good hands. I humbly concede to my excellent opponent.


There's only one way to change tags without bumping questions: when a ♦ moderator merges a tag with another one. There's a feature request It should be possible to retag a question without bumping it to the front page but no response so far. Edits to title and body always bump the question. This may be annoying but otherwise there's no possibility for ...


Thank you, everyone. That makes two elections this week that went the way I'd hoped! I hope that I can be a positive presence, and thanks especially to luser droog for joining the fray; I have no doubt he would have been a fantastic addition to the team.


Congratulations, Richard, commiserations, luser droog! Richard, I hope it won't eat into the time and effort you put into your answers, and you get treated with the respect you mods deserve. Good luck!


Your flag wasn't disputed by a ♦ moderator, it was disputed because the outcome of the Low Quality Posts review was 'Looks OK'. You'd have to ask the individual reviewers why they reviewed the way they did. General tendency on Stack Exchange sites is to leave those kind of answers alone. If it has been on the site for so long without causing problems, why ...


Tag has been updated by moderator. Adding an answer just to make clear the question is resolved.


Creating a canonical question for "What is a polychord?" would make the most sense. A tag may make sense in the long run, but if the goal is to answer and link an underlying question rather than create a needed category of questions, I'd shy away from the tag.

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