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Should this question be closed?

I don't think the question should be closed. The question does ask how to create a sound the asker found in a song, but I think this is less the asker trying to identify an instrument and more that ...
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Why is no one using jTab for guitar chords?

I don't use it because it won't render in real-time when I'm entering an answer. That means repeatedly saving the post and reopening to edit. jTab has a learning curve and not being able to do ...
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Please undelete my question

Additionally to Matthew's point, from your questions so far it does seem like you haven't spent enough time to see what sort of questions work here. You may have a very specific question, but if it ...
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Why is no one using jTab for guitar chords?

So my first reason for not using it was just... not knowing the syntax. Second reason was - I couldn't find in the docs how to get chord symbols showing without fingering suggestions - but @Your ...
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Controversial question — might need to be improved

As currently written, it reads as near entirely speculative. As a result, it comes across as seeking opinions on what the rules should be as opposed to what the accepted rules or practices actually ...
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Should answers contain any practical and objective advice?

I'm not a personal fan of this answer myself, but I think we do have to give a little consideration to the fact that the question was edited after the answer was posted. The answer did sort of answer ...
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May I ask this question?

The material you have here is fine, but you're asking multiple questions in a single Stack Exchange "question", and that generally is considered "too broad". We would rather you split it up. In this ...
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Should this question about identifying a scale have been closed?

As you can see on the closing reason, it specifies that questions per identifications of specific stuff are off topic. That applies to theory questions as well. Think of it like this: What are the ...

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