Rockin Cowboy

  • Atlanta, Georgia USA

I am a singer/songwriter/composer (compose and arrange my original songs) who plays mainly acoustic guitar. I also play a little piano, harmonica, ukulele, and once played clarinet. I have a home recording studio to help me flesh out arrangements for the songs I write. I teach guitar to beginners - not to earn money (my lessons are free) but to encourage others to connect with music in the way that I did as I sincerely believe that more "musicians" make the world a better place.

I occasionally play for pay at local small venues such as restaurants, bars and pubs and at private parties. I front a 4 piece band and play with several duo partners when the full band is not needed. I have played solo as well but I prefer playing with at least one other musician (be it drummer, guitarist or bass). I have never embraced the use of backing tracks (prefer to do everything live). I have used some effects pedals at times to make certain songs sound a little more authentic.

Performing and creating music has changed my life if a very positive way. I find it very rewarding in so many ways. It is relaxing, enjoyable (pleasurable actually) and is a great way to relieve stress. After learning to play the guitar, I was able to tap into a previously locked up part of my brain where my creativity was stored. Once I unlocked this vault, I began writing lyrics and melodies and creating arrangements for original music and I believe this process opened up and expanded my mind in a way that gives me a whole new perspective on the world. I love to share the knowledge I have assimilated on my musical journey with others who, like myself, have developed a desire to incorporate music making (in one form or another) into their life. I think it's basic human nature to enjoy music as a listener. My personal experience has made me very much aware of how powerful connecting with music on a deeper level can be.

I make my living as a real estate agent but music is my passion. I am a singer/songwriter on a hobbyist level. I perform originals and covers at local venues such as restaurants and sports bars and at private parties. Usually I perform solo but often I have one or more of my musician friends sit in with me. I do this more as a hobby and for fun as the pay barely covers expenses. I grew up as a fan of classic rock but when I started writing songs, they all seemed to come out Country. So I started listening to Country and have found that I like it much more than I did in my early years. I suppose after gaining more life experience, I can better relate to the message in many Country songs. So I perform classic rock and country - thus the Rockin-Cowboy moniker.

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