If users want to gain musicological knowledge about specific works of popular music, or specific artists, or indeed be pointed towards lists of relevant information, do you feel this is likely to be better accommodated at the proposed MusicFans.SE, than here on Music.SE?

I have concerns that some requests for information may fall between the two sites; musicological questions may be too academic for MusicFans.SE, when this gets going, and questions about specific works, composers, artists etc. are sometimes not on topic at Music.SE (because they are too specific).

I am particularly interested about the popular musicology aspect of this, but musicology generally seems to raise this issue…

To put this in the simplest terms possible; where do I ask a question about a specific Beatles song?; where do I ask a question about a specific Beethoven string quartet?


Different questions have different goals and audiences. Questions about works in order to understand the theory behind some construction in the song fits here, questions about works similar to a piece of music would be better on Music Fans. I do think we should link to the Music Fans proposal when we close, in order to add interest for that SE.

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