I recently came across a post in a review queue that was completely written in another language. I couldn't understand it, and couldn't translate it using the internet, so I left it as is. How does our community handle this issue? Is there a procedure in the Help Center? Actually, I'm slightly confused as to how this user ended up on our site, considering everything's in English here and this user likely does not speak English.


Generally what we do if we can't translate easily ourselves is close it, if it is a question, and ask the poster to redo it in English, as Music.SE is an English speaking site. For answers, we leave a comment asking them to edit into English and then we delete the post. Once edited it can easily be undeleted.

Interestingly, using google translate I can see what they were trying to get at, but it isn't easy to figure out correctly, so I have deleted it for now.

  • Well, you're smarter than I am! I used Google Translate and still didn't know what they were getting at. I just flagged it as "very low quality" and "unlikely to be salvaged" (or whatever the wording is). – Richard Jan 17 '19 at 11:25

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