Finding/Creating a Canonical Post

When you find or create a Q&A that you feel is a good canonical Q&A for some topic, nominate it with a Meta post. Get a score of 10 or more, and it's canon. Create an answer to this question to track the topic, the canonical post, and the duplicate/related posts. Please also remove the topic from the below list, if present.

If you find a topic that could use a good canonical post, please add it to the list below.

List of Common Topics Needing a Canonical Post

Format for answers to this post

  1. Subject header
  2. Link to canonical post
  3. List of duplicate posts
  4. List of related posts


# bVII chords used in "backdoor progression"

* **Link to outstanding, well-researched post on the subject**

### Duplicates
* Link to duplicate #1
* Link to duplicate #2
* Etc.

### Closely related
* Link to related post #1
* Link to related post #2
* Etc.

See Also

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Closely related

See "Duplicates", above

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