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Linking to other Music SE questions

Question Should sight-reading be emphasized less for piano instruction with new developments in technology appeared to me as similar to another question, so I put a link in the comment. As there was ...
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Dead link report in Election message [closed]

On the page 2020 Moderator Election, the link More information about the candidates is not working.
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"affiliate links" in links to amazon (and others)

This edit changed a link from to
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Invisible links in mobile site

Since a couple of days ago I have this problem when browsing the music.SE on my mobile phone (Samsung/android stock browser), and there using the mobile version of the site: Links in questions and ...
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Bug: "Migrated from guitars" link goes to Guitars, which redirects to the wrong Music question

The link that appears below each imported question does bad things. For example, look at this imported question: What's the difference between the "smooth" strings and the "rough&...
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Broken links in imported guitar questions

Hello, Relevant question: Poor quality guitars that don't tune The answers and comments give links to Those were broken during the import. Also, fixing them isn't ...
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